Who am I?

I am Oksana Didenko, a psychoanalyst, a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist. I am in love with my life and my profession.
Who am I? I am Oksana Didenko, a psychoanalyst, a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist. I am in love with my life and my profession.

My motto is: "All is well when you feel well". I apply this motto in life as well as in my work. When internal conflicts are resolved; when you clearly understand what you want and why; when you understand how to get it; when you get it; when you untie the strained knots in your relationship; when you find a comfortable point of balance between yourself, your family, your work and the rest of your life... then you feel well. And when you feel well, then everything is well too.

It took me a long time to reach such a state of my life and my mind. Through trial and error, through reflection and nonrandom coincidences my life has bought me into psychotherapy. At first into training, then into my own personal therapy, and then into the profession as such.

I figured out my internal conflicts and issues, found a point of balance and comfort. And now I help others to do the same.

I'm in my profession for 10 years already.

Who am I now?

Oksana Didenko – a psychoanalyst, a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist

- a specialist certified at the government level

- training course in Canada

- more than 7500 hours of practice

- more than 3,000 clients

- more than 20 countries of residence of my clients (Ukraine, America, Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Norway, Spain, Greece, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Dagestan, Jordan, UAE, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Maldives, Thailand, etc. )

- 3 working languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English)

- member of the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists

- member of the Ukrainian Psychoanalytic Union

- media expert (STB TV channel, Ukraine TV channel, Vozrozhdeniye TV channel, UA: Ukranian Radio, Chornomorsk Teleradiocompany, Yaskrave Radio, Kyiv Post international magazine, Woman Magazine, Dobre Zdorovya all-Ukrainian newspaper, Millenium Club magazine, Gossip Magazine, RIA Ukraine magazine, LEOPOLIS.NEWS online edition, etc.)

- speaker at seminars, master-classes and at Ukrainian and international conferences

(master class "How to speak in public" at the Research Center "Institute of Agricultural Economics";

Interdisciplinary conference "Dreams, Phantasms and Memories", Gdansk, Poland;

Interdisciplinary Conference "Trauma and Nightmares", Gdansk, Poland;

Symposium "Masochism" at the Ukrainian Psychoanalytic Union;

Lecture "Hysteria from the point of view of psychiatry and psychotherapy" at KlubOK - Club of Open Communication;

and other)

But it was not always so…

I knew from my childhood that I want to be a doctor. From the 4th year (out of 6) of the medical university, I was sure that I want to be a psychiatrist. After all, psychiatry is such a bottomless, fascinating and difficult specialty!

I plunged into it headlong. My internship (residency) took place at one of the best departments of the leading psychiatric clinic in Ukraine. After my internship I continued my work there. During my internship and work there I've met a huge variety of patients with different mental conditions, from normal to very severe.

I had stars in my eyes! I wanted to study this specialty far and wide! I wanted to know everything about how to conquer various mental pains (from serious mental disorders to simple sulking and bad mood)!

Then my dreams came face to face with a huge obstacle. The name of this obstacle is salary. It was at that time about 100$! Further on, after the crisis, it even got less. I had to do something.

I also began to notice that medications do not always help or help but not the way that they should.

I began to expand my knowledge of how our psyche works. This brought me into psychotherapy, where the treatment taken is not the pills but words. A person with the help of a psychotherapist begins to understand himself or herself better and as a result, quality, standard of living and well-being in general improve!

I expanded my specialization first to Psychotherapist and then to Psychoanalyst.

I constantly continue to improve and develop my skills as s specialist. Up until now I took a training course in Canada, participated in several large-scale and long-term educational projects, worked as a psychologist at the TV channel, collaborated with the LGBTQI-community, participated in dozens of conferences, symposia and master classes (both as a participant and speaker), gave interviews at TV and radio channels.

Now I have my own private practice. I help people cope with life's difficulties, issues and dead ends. I'm best at questions concerning relationships, well-being (health) and work.

I also do everything that I can to communicate to people who are not connected with psychology, psychotherapy or psychiatry how our psyche works. What motivates us, why do we stumble, why do we suffer and what to do about it?

I know how our psyche works.

I know how to help you with your issues and difficulties!

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